Global spending on cyber-security products and services is expected to increase by 12 to 15 percent each year until 2021, with IoT (internet of things) products leading the way. Since any product connected to the internet is a potential target for hacking, it’s no surprise that the information security market is expected to grow by 7 percent this year.

Cloud8020 Cyber-security training is designed to allow participants to learn how to develop and run effective security programs that align with business processes and cycles. At the end of the course, participants will gain knowledge in risk assessment and response, security program design, incident, and risk management, as well as compliance and governance.


         Professional in Cybersecurity

         Professional in Intelligence, National Infrastructure Professional in Counterterrorism

         Law enforcement Legal Practitioners

         Decision makers in public & private sectors


Cloud8020 Cyber-security training is designed enable participants to:

         Have a baseline understanding of common cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks

         Understand how cyber-attacks are constructed and applied to real systems

         Examine threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks in the context of system security

         Recognize and manage cyber risks

         Align IT security strategy with business goals and needs.

         Train teams to anticipate, recognize and respond to cyber security attacks.