Business intelligence refers to the skill set, and practices utilized to take raw data gathered and compiled by various means and transform it into information relevant to starting or expanding a business. The organized, simplified version of information can be useful in refining existing business strategies or in identifying and developing new opportunities.

The Business Intelligence training equips candidates with the knowledge, techniques, and models to transform data into usable insights for making business decisions. The course simplifies complex concepts, breaks down math jargon and helps navigate complex symbols and equations. These skills enable candidates to zoom in on the most useful data and apply it in the real world. It also provides practical techniques for presenting findings to quickly make decisions that drive organizations forward. These tools include graphic presentation techniques and simplified models to transform the results of data analysis into digestible, easy-to-understand insights and usable recommendations.



Cloud8020’s Business Intelligence raining is designed to enable participants to:

  Explore the evolution of BI and predictive analytics

  Identify opportunities, manage change, and develop deep visibility into the organization

  Understand analytics, business intelligence and statistics terminology

  Learn practical applications of data analysis across business

  Data visualization and effective presentation of data analysis results

  Apply data management systems and technologies that reflect concern for security and privacy

  Hands-on predictive analytics knowledge including key terminology and algorithms

  Forecasting future results, finding opportunities for process improvement, and analyzing past performance